Velour Garments stands for creating the highest quality clothing pieces, sustainably handmade by textile artisans in Barcelona, Spain.

Every step of the process is carefully done in-house, from developing our own fabrics using organic combed cotton, to designing up-to-date patterns and silhouettes that fulfill nowadays requirements, and offering a wide variety of colors and unique dyeing techniques, all at the most fair and transparent prices because wearing quality clothing should be a right and not a luxury.

We produce durable and resistant fabrics and garments, encouraging smart shopping and contributing to the curbing of fast-fashion.

In addition, we provide artists, creatives and emerging clothing brands with a wide range of customization services and textile solutions so that they can bring to life their projects and ideas from anywhere in the world.

At Velour Garments, we have a professional team dedicated to offer personalized attention to our customers by constantly monitoring the entire process of creation and elaboration, paying attention to every detail and providing assistance at all times.

Among our services, you can find:

- Custom fabric development
- Pattern creation and modification
- Cutting and sewing
- Custom dyeing
- Labeling and packaging
- Printing (DTG, Screen-Print, etc.)
- Embroidery
- Sampling